Pupils to become ‘digital ambassadors’

New Park Primary School is introducing a new ambassador programme for its pupils this September, training them to use the school’s new impressive technology.

Copyrite Systems and Ricoh, joint headline sponsors of this year’s Educate Awards, delivered the UK’s first Interactive Learning Table (ILT) to New Park Primary School in Liverpool earlier this year.

The ILT provides a place where students can gather together to interact with subject material in new and stimulating ways. It can be used to support video and game based learning as well as other ways that drive interaction and engagement – the possibilities are endless.

After just three months using the technology, the school is introducing a pupil ambassador programme to train the children how to use the table and involve them with the whole development process. From choosing what topics they want to see to attending meetings with staff, headteacher Karen Hutchings believes putting the children first and developing their skills on the piece of technology is key.

Since its introduction, Karen and dedicated staff co-ordinators have been working with Ricoh representatives to develop a unique curriculum. Much of the focus has been adding content to the learning table so every year group can explore and learn different topics, from the Great Fire of London to electricity. Karen says the aim is to have an interactive ‘pinwheel’ which will split each of the curriculum areas in to year groups to make each topic engaging and accessible to learn.

What’s more, the content created by the school will be made available to different schools across the country, putting collaboration and communication at the forefront of the ILT and how it can be used to share new ideas.

Andrew Hampson, sales manager at Copyrite Systems, said: “It’s fantastic to see the progress New Park Primary is making with the Interactive Learning Table after only three months. Working closely with Copyrite Systems and Ricoh, the school is transforming new ways to learn and enhancing their classrooms.

“The new pupil ambassador programme is a brilliant idea which puts children at the heart of the new technology, which is what it’s all about. We’re excited to see how this develops and what positive outcomes it will bring.”

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