Putting people first

Gateacre School have their very own team of ‘Heroes’ who help younger students across the school.

Year 11 Heroes, with training and support from Humanutopia alongside Gateacre staff, have been fully trained and inspired to help support their peers at the school, mainly with breaking down any barriers that may prevent students involved from having a successful future and happy life and to help new students settle in or with any concerns they might have.

They have a team of 20 heroes who act as ambassadors for the school and have been working with Mrs Delaney and her Year 7 team in order to support any Year 7 students needing support, advice and or encouragement.

All heroes meet with selected Year 7 students, their work involves a wide range of activities and support including: overcoming barriers to learning and success; homework, social and emotional barriers; numeracy, literacy, drama club and learning to make friends.

The Heroes have also produced two videos explaining about their work and about kindness, to share with and encourage all students across school to be kind; what kindness means; helping others; doing something nice and not expecting something back in return; being there for people; treating people how you want to be treated and being nice to one another.

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