Rainford High promotes positive mental health

Rainford High held a five-day-programme to help raise awareness of mental health within the school.

Designed for both students and staff, each day a range of activities took place in order to help those dealing with stress, anxiety or if they weren’t quite feeling themselves.

Before the beginning and the end of the school day, the song ‘This Is Me’ from The Greatest Showman soundtrack was played to inspire and uplift the school.

Throughout the week, students proudly wore wristbands with ‘This Is Me’ to empower them and promote self-importance.

During break times, staff enjoyed a range of treats such as cakes and coffees within a designated gazebo outside of their classroom and away from the staff room. Mood-boosting music was also played out across the grounds for all to listen to.

Lunchtimes were jam-packed with engaging and relaxing activities for students, including a photo booth, a sensory room, art classes, hand massages, sports, games and a cake sale.

Students also got to meet and pet therapy dog, Rosie, from the national charity, Pets as Therapy. It is widely recognised that therapy pets have a positive impact on individuals as their affection and calm nature can offer comfort to those in need.

Ian Young, principal at Rainford High, said:  “The mental and physical health of everyone within the school is of the utmost important to us. The dedicated programme was created to raise awareness of mental health and provide some form of stress relief to students and staff, helping them to focus on their own wellbeing.”

“Holding this awareness week really benefitted the overall mood of Rainford High. It also allowed us to identify what activities worked well, as we may look to roll out some of them during each term to help with mental health and wellbeing.”

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