Rainford High takes on the Chocolate Orange Challenge

Rainford High recently launched one of its Everyone Helps Charity competitions. 

With the goal of showing their support and helping a local charity, the school has been taking part in the Chocolate Orange Challenge, a campaign that they have been on-board with for many years, encouraging students and staff to bring plenty of these treats to school. 

Around Rainford High, towers of chocolate oranges have been stacking up, creating pyramids that ‘rival those of ancient Egypt’. 

Like other recent charity activities, which have included the collection of bottle tops, Macmillan doughnut sales and more, participation has been widespread and highly successful, especially due to the competition aspect between the school’s five houses: Endeavour, Determination, Integrity, Resilience, and Compassion. 

Students from each house have been competing to donate the largest amount of Terry’s chocolate oranges, bringing them in on a daily basis in hopes of being the team to win the most house points. 

Those at Rainford were particularly inspired by local community member, Chris Lamb, who created the Chocolate Orange Challenge following his Make a Difference Friday idea in memory of his son, Elliott, who was cared for by hospital staff. 

During the academic year, the Rainford High community comes together for a wide range of fundraising activities, committing to the significant school ethos of ‘Everyone Matters. Everyone Helps. Everyone Succeeds’. 

Principal of Rainford High, Ian Young, commented: “I am particularly pleased with the donations we have received so far as part of the Chocolate Orange Challenge. Students and staff alike are so engaged with this campaign, and it has been brilliant to see the towers of treats grow in size each day. 

“Showing our support to not only each other but to our wider community is something that we strongly believe in, and it is a pleasure to join in on this campaign. Thank you to everybody who has gotten involved.” 

Upcoming fundraising activities at the school include the Rainford High Christmas Markets, which will be taking place on Thursday 7 December (from 5:30pm – 7:30pm) and hosting a variety of craft stalls from local businesses, providing food and drinks, fun and games, and a festive grotto. 

Those looking to find out more about the event or book a stall can contact the school via email:

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