Rainford High’s SEND team continues to support students

At Rainford High, its dedicated SEND team has been preparing behind the scenes to ensure students and families feel supported during these uneasy times.

For the school, it is important that it maintains its ethos to ensure that, ‘Everyone Matters, Everyone Helps and Everyone Succeeds’ away from the usual classroom setting.

Staff have signposted parents in the right direction to ensure varied and progressive learning. Tasks can be accessed through online platforms to ensure reading, writing and numeracy skills continue to develop.

Along with the academic support, Rainford High has provided examples of structured routines to try at home which include time for relaxation and physical activity, as well as learning.

Activities and suggested tasks are open-ended and allow for revisiting and reflection to boost confidence. Research projects are also being considered to encourage curiosity, extend learning and promote challenge.

Additionally, its core curriculum provision, a dedicated learning support group for SEND students, have also been provided with life skills challenges to continue their development outside of academics.

Communication between teachers and families is also being encouraged should students require additional support or guidance.

Principal Ian Young, said: “It is important that our students feel well supported without the fear of meeting deadlines, or feeling overwhelmed by the level and frequency of work to be completed, in these uncertain times and out of their usual learning environment.

“Having won the SEND Provision Award at the Educate Awards last year, our dedicated SEND team has continued to help and nurture our students with innovative learning techniques. I’m delighted we can continue to offer inclusive support at this time.”

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