Revision tips from St John Bosco Arts College

As summer exams grow closer, the time has come for us to say goodbye to our lovely students and let them go home to continue their studies before the big days arrives.

Some students dread the unsupervised break for studying as they are too easily swayed into procrastination and enjoying the glorious weather that we typically get during leave, however, some students are fantastic studiers and embrace the unsupervised learning as they can ‘do it their way’.

Revising is all about doing what works best for you, however, to find out what works best, have a go at using these top 5 revision tips! They work a treat and will help you enjoy your study break and get the best marks possible!


As the famous military saying goes ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’ and this could not be truer when it comes to revision.

Before you do any revision you should sit down and produce a timetable so that you make sure you can cover all subject areas during your study leave and definitely leave more time to cover those areas that need the most work.

Early bird catches the worm

Don’t put it off! As soon as study leave arrives a lot of alarm clocks are snoozed and lie-ins commence. ‘I’ll do it later’ you say, well don’t leave it till later and get your revision started first thing in the morning.

The sooner you start, the sooner you can finish and there’ll still be bags of hours in the day left to meet up with friends and to keep up with hobbies.

Jazz up your revision

Revision doesn’t have to be boring! Sing it, draw it, or even dance it, if it helps you remember.

The best way to revise is not the same for everyone so if you work better with music on rather than sitting in a quiet room, go for it! Traditional ways of studying aren’t always the best for everyone but just be honest with yourself, if you don’t feel like you’re taking in information, mix it up and try something different.

Reward yourself

You may find it helpful to have something to look forward to after revising, whether it be watching a DVD after finishing or going to have a kick about with friends.

It is extremely important to work hard but also to relax and wind down after having your nose in a book for the day.

You will also find that sometimes the information you learn needs to settle before you can fully understand it and so relaxing is very important.

Use your family and friends

Don’t isolate yourself from family and friends during your study leave, not all the time anyway!

Ask your family to test you after you have done a hard slog of revision.

Quick tests help you remember information better and also proves to your parents that you have been revising!

Presuming your friends are also on study leave, why not meet up with them and all work on a subject you are all taking. This is for work purposes though, don’t just sit around together and waste your study leave.


These are just five tips that we find helpful, they may also work for you or they may not.

If they don’t, keep at it! We all have our own techniques and ways of doing things and you will soon enough find yours.

Good luck and enjoy your study break!

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