Ryan Doyle

Liverpool born  is a freerunner and parkour world champion and is one of the founding athletes of the world freerunning and parkour federation.

Ryan is also four times National Tricking Champion, twice world free running champion and a gold medalist in martial arts from various competitions around the world.

As soon as he graduated he flew himself to the Red Bull Art of Motion 2007 event in Vienna, Austria, the first free running competition in the world, where he became the World Champion.

Ryan has also toured the UK with a Christian, hiphop rap band, and incorporated varoius stunts in the shows in which they performed. He has always been interested in film work, and his inspiration he says is martial arts actor Jackie Chan.

Ryan along with brother Anthony and friends have set up Airborn Entertainment, a production company in Liverpool that teaches media and parkour workshops to schools and universities. With the success of parkour and Ryans success, Airborn has grown to the Airborn Academy offering opportunities and a home for the large parkour community in Liverpool.


My School:
My primary school was St Paschal Baylon, Childwall and my secondary school St Francis Xavier’s College, Liverpool.

My Favourite Teacher:
Mrs Schofield, an art teacher at SFX, not only was she very interesting but she treated all us kids as if we were her own.

Favourite Subject at School:
ICT, I had a passion for IT and found it fascinating – it was like a window to the world for me.

Were you streetwise or a bit of a geek?
Probably a bit of both at times. I knew what I had to do to get on and just did what I needed to pass my exams.

My Favourite Childhood Band/Singer:
Eminem, I just loved the whole rap scene and still do. I wasn’t a fan of bands, particularly boy bands.

My Favourite Extra-Curricular Activity:
Filming was and has always been a passion of mine. I did a bit in sixth form, I really wanted to be a film-maker.

Do you remember your first school crush?
Yeah! Her name was Jenine, I was gutted when she moved to Brighton, but I remember that my ICT teacher was pretty hot at secondary school too.

My Favourite Book:
I wasn’t a great reader of books but I loved the Goosebumps series.

School Dinners:
I have really bad memories of school dinners at primary school, so much so that when I went to secondary school I always had a packed lunch. Jamie Oliver was too late for me!

My Ambitions at School:
I always wanted to make an action film, and I’m almost there! I have always thought that one day I will be behind the camera. My other ambition was to be a stuntman, Jackie Chan was a film hero of mine.

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