Louise Everitt – headteacher, Mosspits Lane Primary School, Wavertree

The life of a primary school head is a varied one! From budgets and briefings to sports days and discos, we caught up with Louise Everitt of Mosspits to find out how a typical week looks for her.

An early start at 7:30am to ensure I am fully prepared for the staff briefing at the start of the school day. I respond to any outstanding emails and meet with my deputies to discuss upcoming events and any other issues that need to be considered in order to ensure the school runs smoothly.
The School Council has suggested some improvements for the playground so I’m meeting with Playforce in the afternoon to discuss the development of an enclosed area for football. This is seen as a popular decision by both boys and girls!

It’s Class RK’s assembly and the children’s parents are gathered in the school hall to watch as they perform. There’s opportunity to catch up with the parents afterwards when refreshments are served.
Later that morning I continue to meet with class teachers to discuss the progress their children have made over the course of the year.
In the afternoon I meet with the School Business Manager. We regularly discuss the school budget and how it’s being spent and today we will tie up any loose ends before the summer holiday begins.

It’s Sports Day and there’s a buzz around school. The children complete a carousel of activities and thoroughly enjoy the day.
I meet with the Site Manager to walk the site and identify work which needs to be completed over the summer. We are having a lot of contractors in and I need to be kept informed of their schedules so I can plan for the new term.

Lots to do today, Year 6 have a ‘Leavers Disco’ 6:30pm – 8:30pm and the school hall needs to be set up and decorated. I organise the delivery of tables and chairs and help the Parents’ Association with table cloths and place settings. The hall is totally transformed and we even have a red carpet and lights for the children to pose on for the cameras when they first arrive in all their finery. Finally, I collect the catering from an outside caterer and ensure the disco and DJ are in place and ready to go.
As for the Year 6 children, they are blissfully unaware of what is going on behind the scenes as they have all gone to the Bowling Alley for the afternoon as an end of year treat.

This morning I am attending a Fire Marshall / Fire Awareness training event with several members of staff. It is sure to be very informative and will help me ensure the school meets its obligations re: Health and Safety.
In the afternoon I am hosting a tea party for a member of our cleaning staff who has worked at the school for over 18 years. I spend some time preparing her gift and card from the school in recognition of her long service. Before this, I share cake and juice with those children who have been identified as good role models this week by the lunch time supervisors.

And my week doesn’t stop there! This Saturday I am helping to paint the school picnic benches with some parent volunteers and all the materials and paint provided by Barclays Bank. At least it’s going to be dry and warm!

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