School Improvement Liverpool appoints new Director of Education

Taking up post earlier this year, Jonathan Jones has become Director of Education for Liverpool. This role combines Chief Education Officer and Director of School Improvement Liverpool.

Jonathan’s background is long-established in education and since 2007 he has held various senior leadership posts. Jonathan has previously been an HMI with Ofsted and specialist adviser for education policy, including SEND and mental health.

He was born and bred in Liverpool, although this is the first time he’s had the opportunity to work in the city. Improving the standards and life chances of children and young people is of absolute importance to him and he is delighted to be working with Liverpool schools and staff who have deep understanding, care and ambition. Jonathan is particularly keen to ensure that children are taught how to read properly and that children with SEND have their needs met in a timely way.

He is well aware of the challenges that can get in the way of this and is committed to tackling them. Jonathan is happy to be back in his home city and has been inspired by how school communities have been adapting and rising to the current challenges and their irreplaceable role in society.

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