School welcomes back Tudorlambanana

After an absence of nearly 13 years, Gateacre School is thrilled to welcome back its ‘Tudorlambanana’.

The Superlambanana was the school’s contribution to Liverpool’s Capital of Culture Year in 2008 and became part of the Go Superlambanana trail.

Back in 2008, Gateacre School worked with the Friends of Gateacre and KECS Creative to create the work of art, which was then displayed in the centre of Gateacre Village.

The inspiration behind the design came from its surroundings. In the late nineteenth century, a change in architectural fashion led to Gateacre Village being associated with the black-and-white or ‘mock Tudor’ style, which makes it such a distinctive area and has been reflected by Tudorlambanana.

The school’s community co-ordinator, Lisa Mitchell said: “A huge thank you must go to our DT technician Mr Kiberd for helping to transform him to his former glory, plus our students in Keystage 3 for creating the new artwork on his spine.

“Tudor’ is also in the running to become a ‘PokeStop’ for those playing Pokemon Go! Watch this space!”

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