Schools must not teach children they can change their gender identity, government expected to say

Schools in England will be banned from teaching any form of sex education to children under the age of nine, according to new government guidance expected to be published tomorrow (Thursday).

The Times has reported that the gender guidance due to be published says that schools ‘must not teach children they can change their gender identity’, and should avoid ‘explicit’ conversations about sex until they reach 13 years of age.

If asked, schools should teach children ‘biological’ facts about sex, according to sources.

Paul Whiteman, general secretary at school leaders’ union NAHT, said: “Relationships, Sex and Health Education (RSHE) covers a wide range of content and is vital to help safeguard young people and prepare pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life. 

“Some of the topics covered are particularly sensitive and need considered and measured debate. It is utterly disgraceful that once again this government has decided to engage in private briefings and media leaks simply to grab headlines. The children and young people of this country deserve better.

“If what has been leaked is accurate, the government must provide the evidence which unequivocally shows that such age limits will improve the support, protection and safeguarding of children and young people.

“We have serious concerns about how potential ‘limits’ would work in practice. Schools already work hard to ensure that the curriculum and teaching is age-appropriate based on the current government guidance and have the vital flexibility to respond to their own community and the needs of pupils in their schools. Curriculum content is also shared and discussed with parents.

“We cannot ignore the fact that some children and young people are already accessing information from different sources outside of school. This may lead to questions that need careful handling from trained professionals. It is hard to see how rigid limits on what can be discussed and when would be in the best interests of young people – and this may even risk them seeking information from less reliable sources.”

Since September 2020, relationships education has been compulsory for all pupils receiving primary education. This receiving secondary education have been taught compulsory relationships and sex education. Health education is also compulsory.

Currently, parents have a right to request their child is withdrawn from sex education, but not from relationships education.

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