Smiley Bus to help get children out and about

Children at Clare Mount Specialist Sports College will now be able to get out and about in a shiny new 17-seater Smiley Bus, provided by the Steve Morgan Foundation.

The children have complex needs and follow a curriculum that includes lots of sports and activities outside of school to help them develop social and practical skills. The Smiley Bus will be used daily to take them on these trips.

In addition to the funding from the Steve Morgan Foundation, a substantial contribution from local philanthropists, Mandy Molby and Trudi Brooks, via Radio City Cash for Kids, made the purchase possible.

There were smiles all round when the mini bus was formally handed over to the school by Steve Morgan Foundation administrator Jane Harris.

Kim Webster, headteacher at Clare Mount said: “Words cannot fully express how grateful we are to the Steve Morgan Foundation, together with Cash for Kids, for funding this minibus. It will provide our students with so many opportunities to access sporting and cultural events and activities beyond the school gates, to broaden their knowledge and skills and provide them with experiences they can take forward in life.

“Furthermore, the generosity of the Steve Morgan Foundation and Cash for Kids means we can assist other groups in the community to also participate in a range of opportunities previously unavailable to them.”

Steve Morgan Foundation administrator, Jane Harris said: “We have previously funded the college’s multi-use games area and so the trustees know what a good job the school is doing. Having a reliable mini-bus makes a huge difference to the children and the opportunities the school can provide for them.”

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