Margaret Aspinall speaks at Alsop lunch club

Alsop High School welcomed Margaret Aspinall and Bill Bygroves to their lunch club. They attended as part of the Liverpool Football Club’s Red Neighbours initiative.

Mrs Aspinall spoke about her work with the Hillsborough Family Support Group and the recent report written by The Rt Rev Bishop James Jones, former Bishop of Liverpool. The report titled ‘The patronising disposition of unaccountable power’, offers an extensive overview of the experiences of family members of the 96. It urges action to ensure the pain and suffering of those affected by Hillsborough is never repeated.

Mrs Aspinall spoke of her fight for justice and the suffering faced by families who lost loved ones at Hillsborough. She emphasised that in whatever situation you face you must never give up hope.

Mrs Aspinall said: “It is always a great pleasure to visit Alsop. Bill and I enjoyed this visit. It is fantastic seeing young people involved an initiative to support older members of the community. They were so polite and friendly.”

The afternoon ended on a lighter note with some communal singing, led by Mr Bygroves playing his guitar.

Mr Bull said: “It was lovely to see Margaret in school again and are pleased she had the opportunity to speak to older residents. She truly is an inspirational woman who is always full of hope.

“The lunch club initiative, established in 2007, enables the school to reach out to residents in the wider community and break down barriers between Alsop students and older residents.

“On a weekly basis guests are treated to a choice of two delicious home-made soups, cakes and a hot drink. The lunch provides a meeting place where people can enjoy a friendly chat and play a game of bingo.

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