Sport is the winner as SEN schools try kinball

Pupils from six schools for children with Special Educational Needs (SEN) enjoyed a memorable afternoon at Liverpool John Moores University’s (LJMU) IM Marsh Campus as they tried kinball for the first time.

Aided by sports leaders from Archbishop Beck, athletes from Elleray Park, Meadowside, Merefield, Palmerston, Princes and Rowan Park Schools competed against each other in small matches, as well as enjoying some fun drills and exercises.

The sport was adapted to suit the competitors’ needs and provided plenty of fun moment between games.

LSSP’s Jess McNally hailed the event saying, “It was a complete success which kept each and every participant involved.” She also thanked LJMU staff who had made it a “brilliant event”.

Kinball was invented in Canada but developed in the UK by LJMU’s Steve Grace and sees three teams wearing different colour bibs compete against each other at the same time.

The aim is to hit the ball in the air whilst shouting the colour of one team’s bibs. They must catch the ball before it hits the floor to prevent the other team from scoring a point.


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