St Cuthberts take a spin on the Smoothie Bike!

St Cuthberts Catholic High School hosted a week-long Summer Health Festival in celebration of healthy eating and drinking, cooking, food provenance and being active.

Each day brought a new theme and new, exciting activities. From promoting the importance of breakfast, encouraging students to drink plenty of water to hosting lunchtime sports competitions, the week had a jam-packed itinerary involving the whole school community.

Day five concluded with the theme ‘Try something new’ and involved a whole host of fun activities and stall holders.

Adam Molyneux from St Helens Council Transport & Planning Department visited with school to encourage students to cycle and stay healthy. Headteacher, Mrs Twist took a spin on the ingenious ‘Smoothie Bike’, promoting health eating, exercise and sustainable energy in one very unique way!

By far the star attraction of the day, students also got involved and created their own smoothie creations.


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