St Hilda’s have the WOW factor

Staff at St Hilda’s College are celebrating an incredible set of results for the GCSE class of 2019!

Mr Bellmon, assistant headteacher, said: “Our first reaction is WOW! Our results are even better than last year’s results. Given the increased challenge and difficulty of the new style GCSEs, we are so proud of our students. Students and staff have clearly worked incredibly hard to secure results like these.

“Over 80% of maths and 90% of English grades were 9-4, 30% above the national average. Almost half of the English GCSEs were at grade 7 or higher. Grades 7-9 in maths were 10% above the national average! 100% of our separate scientists were awarded grades 9-4, with 90+% achieving a good or a high pass in biology, chemistry and physics.

“What all of the results show is the dedication of St Hilda’s staff, teaching and support and our belief in the St Hilda’s family and doing the best for one another. Well done to the class of 2019!”

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