Student scientists design lifesaving equipment

Student scientists from Winstanley College, Wigan, won a competition last week after designing a potentially lifesaving cardiac monitor.

Year 13 students worked together to design the monitor and complete the project work, which was then entered into the competition and judged against other student teams across the UK.

The competition was run by Imperial College London, and students included:

– Shawn Shibu

– James Montford

– Megan Fraser

– Ryan Campbell

– Isabella Du Plessis

– Isabella Westerbeek

The student scientists finished in the top 10 nationally.

This means that they qualified to present their work to professors of medicine from Imperial College and scientists from the British Heart Foundation.

Students were pleased to hear they had won the competition overall the day after the presentation.

Judges of the competition commented: “The Judging Panel were very impressed by Winstanley College. 

“The team did an excellent job, congratulations.”

Winstanley College’s medics, dentists and vets coordinator, Dave Woods, added: “I am always immensely proud of our Winstanley students and the lengths that they will go to help others. 

“Coming top 10 in the country is an incredible achievement but then, facing a panel of professors and handling their questions in the manner that they did, leaves me speechless.”

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