Students achieve their ‘Personal Best’ at The Academy of St Nicholas

There were lots of smiling faces at The Academy of St Nicholas in Garston as students celebrated some of the school’s strongest ever results. The number of students achieving a Grade 4 or above in English and maths rose by 25% and maths results on their own are the best the school has ever secured.

While there have been successes across all subjects, there was also particular cause for celebration in PE, art and Spanish, where students made excellent progress and over 70% achieved Grade 4 or above.

Students studying vocational subjects once again performed extremely well across the board in business studies, health and social care, hospitality and music.

Dave Lancaster, headteacher, said: “There is certainly much for us to celebrate today, but results and data only tell us part of our story. In fact, what we are most proud of is the personal best that our students have shown, with so many exceeding their target grades.”

Amongst the smiling faces was Slava Moslem who achieved a Grade 9 in Arabic, Grade 7s in maths, chemistry, physics and ICT along with Grade 6s in English, biology and art.

Olivia Hughes gained a Grade 9 in art, Grade 8 in RE and English literature and Grade 6s in maths, science, history and English language.

Asia Abdillahi was also celebrating after achieving a Grade 9 in English literature, a Grade 8 in RE, a Grade 6 in chemistry and Grade 5s in maths, physics and computer science.

Elliot Spitteri gained a Grade 8 in RE, a Grade 7 in English, maths and computer science and a Grade 6 in chemistry and physics.

Among those who performed significantly better than their target grades were: Lucy Melling, Jaime Brown, Shannon Hughes, Mia Edmond, Tai McManaman, Olivia Allen, Abbey Ford, Liam Green, Elizabeth Richardson, Taylor Mackenzie, Roberts Dementjevs, Megan Challoner, Jamie Davies, James Pierce and Liam Price.

Mr Lancaster said: “We now have an exciting academic year ahead of us.”

“The results are the culmination of a good year at St Nicholas. I am, as always, thankful to the staff, students and their families, we have all worked together with such determination and dedication. In addition to our recent successful Ofsted and improving exam results, we also have a growing Year 7 cohort as significantly more primary school children have applied to join us.

“Our Sixth Form results this year were excellent and it is thriving. There is much to look forward to as we continue our journey to be the best we can be and become the school of choice for our community.”

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