Students find out why recycling isn’t rubbish!

St Laurence’s Catholic Primary School, Knowsley, took a trip to the Recycling Discovery Centre at Gillmoss Materials Recovery Facility to find out why recycling isn’t so rubbish after all.

The visit tied in with their topic ‘The Great Plague’.

The students carried out a waste sort to find out what can and can’t be put in their recycling bins at home, and also learnt about the ‘3 R’s’; Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Year 4 pupils then went on a tour to discover how recycling from homes across Merseyside gets sorted and separated, turning waste into a resource.

From the viewing platform, they found out how mixed recycling was processed to create six separate resources; paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, steel cans, aluminium cans and glass bottles and jars.

Kirsty, Veolia’s education officer said: ‘There are many ways a visit to the Recycling Discovery Centre supports the curriculum. I am really impressed at how the pupils have already looked at how much the school wastes and recycles’.

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