Students set to become published poets

Year 7 and 9 students from The Academy of St Nicholas, Garston, are to have their poems published in a book. 

As part of a nationwide competition set by Young Writers, students were tasked with writing a poem with an ‘empowered’ theme. 

Young Writers aims to encourage young people to engage in creative writing and has worked with schools, parents and young writers since 1991. 

The Academy of St Nicholas ran the competition alongside National Poetry Day and Black History Month last year, using these awareness days as a springboard for what empowerment means for students. 

In their poems, students described the personal experiences they have faced, specifically over the last 18 months which have been difficult for them due to school closures, isolation and general disruption to their education. 

Judges from Young Writers have personally selected 37 poems by students, from the academy, that were inspiring and evoked a positive response. The poems will be published in a book later this year. 

A poem by Adi Akeleke, aged 13, will be included in the book. 

What is it about this world? 

What is it about this world that racism exists? 

What is it about this world that inequality exists? 

What is it about this world that injustice exists? 

What is it about this world? 

Is this the world we really live in? 

Is this the world we truly breathe in? 

People dying up and down 

Yet we still make no sound? 

What is it about some people? 

Blinded by their privilege 

Many affected by climate change 

Isn’t this too brutal and bad? 

Why don’t we all speak up? 

Stand together as one. 

What is it about this world? 

That makes it all so harsh. 

Head of KS3 English, Mrs Jamie Watts, led the competition in school. She said: “The Young Writers competition is a great way for students to express themselves and help their creative writing. 

 “We like to take part of every year and this year’s ‘empowered’ theme really struck a chord with our students. I’m so proud that 37 of our students will have their work published in a book. We are all very excited to see them in print.” 

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