Tackling age-old problems

Behaviour in schools has changed over the years but dealing with it remains an age-old problem that all have responsibility for when working in schools.

The pressures and stresses on young people, schools, and staff members seems to shift with every season that passes. With these changes comes the challenge of dealing with many things that may not have been witnessed or come across before.

P&I Training Limited specialices in CPD training for schools. Director, Alan Robson said: “Post COVID there are suggestions that behaviour has worsened in schools. Reports suggest that a lack of regular structure and discipline has influenced children’s behaviour. Out-of-control behaviour can destroy the happy environment in some schools, leading to serious incidents and, potentially, turning the playground from a place of fun into a den of aggression and bullying in which the kids are in control.

“We have advised around 400 schools during the COVID period, with the overwhelming majority stating that children’s behaviour has changed considerably. At the forefront of requests for advice and support are increases in aggression toward staff members and peers. Our services are more sought after than ever in this area.

“Having your staff team prepared to face the challenges that lay ahead are key to a successful, safe and flourishing school.

“The question is how do you keep pace when dealing with ever changing scenarios and situations?

“The simple fact is that you cannot keep up with everything, all the time. Our age-old problems sometimes need age-old solutions. The simplest advice we can give is to keep yourself calm and under control, think about the words you use and how you present them, don’t scare the kids physically, stick to your word and everything will probably be just fine.

“If we all play our role in it, we all receive the benefits.”

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