Interview with: Jacqueline Bebbington and Natalie Walsh, SENDSCOPE

In the midst of the global pandemic SENDSCOPE was launched. At the time, Jacqueline and Natalie were SENDCo and assistant SENDCo at a mainstream secondary school in Liverpool and whilst they were very happy and loved their roles and the school, the pandemic made them revaluate life and embark on

Learn the Lingo: Your A-Z guide to teaching terms and acronyms

Do you know your EHCP from your EYFS? What about SENCO, SLC and TA? Let’s be honest, the education sector can be a minefield for abbreviations and acronyms. School life has a language and vocabulary all of its own and some things can get lost in translation. We’ve put together a

Interview with: Tom Reynolds, edtech founder, EdenFiftyOne

In 2020, the UK’s education technology (edtech) market grew by 72% and is estimated to be worth around £3.5 billion, with further growth expected as schools continue to catch up after the disruption caused by the pandemic. Someone who has entered the bustling sector is Tom Reynolds. From 2003, Tom worked

Kate Robinson: Creating a future for us all

Liverpool-born Sir Ken Robinson will forever be an influential figure in education. His TEDTalk ‘Do schools kill creativity?’ from 2006 is the most watched online with more than 66 million views. He championed creativity and stressed that the education system needs to cultivate creativity and divergent thinking rather than being focused on