Students shape solutions to net zero at ‘Schools Cop’

Revolutionary engineering ideas proposed by secondary school students will be debated in classrooms across the UK as part of Tomorrow’s Engineers Week (8 to12 November 2021). Proposals include ways that engineers can help efforts to improve biodiversity on land and at sea and the development of self-sufficient agri-biomes for farm animals to

Teachers – one week to go until Youth Summit for Schools during COP26

This month sees the historic occasion of the UK’s hosting of the COP26 Climate Conference. During this important time, young people around the country concerned about the climate crisis and wanting to feel part of something bigger can connect with others at the Transform Our World Youth Summit, which is bringing

Students environment project reaps rewards

A fantastic opportunity was grasped by a group of Year 8 environmental students from Maricourt Catholic High School thanks to Mrs Ashby, the school’s science technician and students Charlie Carr, Neve Rice, Finn McCann, Hannah Welch and William Gilbert and its Naturescape Group. In the wooded area at the front of

Sowing seeds of hope at Alsop

Students at Alsop High School began sowing seeds for a wild flower area in Walton Hall Park as part of a new partnership with the Friends of Walton Hall Park and Scouse Flowerhouse. The students from Year 7 spent time in the park learning about wild flowers and environmental issues. The