Phoenix Primary School welcome visitors

Pupils and staff of Phoenix Primary School in Fairfield, Liverpool were delighted to welcome to its school a number of special guests as they celebrated World Book Day.  

Included in the guest list was the Labour MP for Wavertree, Paula Barker and Shaun Dick, a ranger from Chester Zoo. 

Sue Evans, science lead teacher at Phoenix Primary School, said: “Phoenix pupils have been involved in a project supported by Chester Zoo to encourage the use of sustainable palm oil and raise awareness of deforestation and the loss of habitats for already endangered species. 

Chester Zoo’s Sustainable palm oil challenge is aimed at protecting some of the amazing species at risk from deforestation in South East Asia and also raises concerns with the deforestation, loss of biodiversity and greenhouse gas emissions which result from the unsustainable production of palm oil. 

“The pupils were so infused with the project that they invited their local MP to the school to listen to more about their project and they are now busy organising a campaign to make Liverpool into a sustainable palm oil city.  

“Paula has promised to talk about the Phoenix’s campaign plans to the rest of the Liverpool MPs and also to raise the question of the use of sustainable palm oil with the House of Commons. 

“Our guests then shared a delicious lunch with the children who were able to ask questions about the role of MPs and how Paula herself could help the school to achieve its goal in raising awareness of the palm oil challenge. 

“We were also super proud of the children in Class 7B who sang the palm oil conga for our special visitors with Paula also saying she was very impressed.” 

Paula added: “Meeting children and adults like this is one of the nicest parts of my job, thank you all for inviting me.” 

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