Wirral pupil scoops North West award in national writing competition

12-year-old Larry Marsh from the Wirral has been selected as the North West winner in a national writing competition, and will see his story about a boy living in the future published in a brand-new book as part of Pearson’s My Twist on a Tale: Our Tomorrow writing competition.  In autumn

The Power of Storytelling

With the arts being squeezed in mainstream education and the pandemic impacting live theatre, Hannah Fowler explores the art of storytelling in schools and whether using stories can create a happily ever after for students’ learning. The power of stories has been recognised for centuries. Dating back thousands of years, every

Worthy winners of the 500 Word Writing Competition announced

Award winning children’s authors Frank Cottrell Boyce, Joseph Delaney and Patrice Lawrence, alongside twelve other judges, have revealed the winning entries to the popular Alsop High School 500 Word Writing Competition. Launched on World Book Day, Alsop’s many entrants submitted their stories in the hope of winning their particular category: KS3,

A novel idea at Alsop High School

This month sees the launch of a comprehensive ten-month “A Story to Tell” novel writing course at Alsop High School. At first the sessions will be facilitated remotely via Zoom and hopefully they will be held in school during the autumn term. Mrs Sally-Anne Tapia-Bowes, disciplinary literacy co-ordinator at Alsop High