Textile forest grows

Schools and community groups from Merseyside have started ‘growing’ their own textile tree as part of a new campaign to reduce waste across Merseyside.

The Sew Many Trees project involves unwanted textiles being transformed into a forest of sewn trees.
This scheme is the first of its kind on Merseyside and Holy Trinity Primary, Garston are among its first participants.

The project aims to reduce the 22,000 tonnes of textiles which are thrown away each year in Merseyside. Each group taking part will organise their own textile collection to provide the materials for their tree, as well as potentially raising some money for their group/ school.

As project leader Elizabeth Atherton said: “Participants will gain a greater understanding of opportunities to reduce textile waste from landfill and the potential to generate income by recycling unwanted textiles.”

Holy Trinity have received one workshop and are keen to continue knitting more leaves to help their tree to grow.

Members of the craft group are creating a carer’s tree which will illustrate the full spectrum of emotions which caring for a loved one involves.

Judy Cope, who works with the group, remarked that the project had given members a new focus and ‘the chance to work together as a team’ because of the projects imaginative premise.

Almost forty schools and community groups from across the city region will be engaged through this programme, which is supported by the Merseyside Recycle and Waste Authority through their community fund 2014-2015.

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