The Alsop Way

The new school year at Alsop High School, Walton sees the launch of the ‘Alsop Way’ for students, colleagues and community members.

Mr Wilson, headteacher said: “The Alsop Way is how and why we do the things we do to lead our students along the successful pathway to personal and academic achievement. In consultation with various stakeholders, we decided that Alsop’s vision and ambition is to be a school where students achieve excellence, value everyone and enrich their lives.”

The Alsop Way is based upon the three pillars of knowledge, respect and opportunity. These core values have come out of the school’s shared belief, that, “Alsop students are best served within an environment where students are equipped with the academic success and the appropriate behaviours needed to succeed in modern Britain.”

The Alsop Way builds upon the legacy of its 100 year history of serving the young people of North Liverpool.

The school expects students to be prepared, to be kind and positive and to be engaged, and committed to their studies. These attributes will ensure our students continue to make such a positive impression wherever they go in life.

The Alsop Way is a clear statement about both the potential of our young people and the ongoing development of the school; it is a guiding light for the school community and helps all members to make the right choices and behave in the right way each day.

Mr Wilson is clear that “Alsop High School is a very special place to study and work and the Alsop Way embodies the very reasons why this is the case.

Mr Wilson said: “We look forward to our parents, visitors, colleagues and students seeing this in action as we move forward through the new academic year”.

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