The good food revolution

Pupils of Melling Primary School will be taking part in Jamie Oliver’s third global Food Revolution Day.
Children in schools all over the world cooked along with Jamie over the internet. More than one million people took part in the biggest cooking lesson ever.
The children had great fun cooking appetising food from scratch and along the way they learnt where their food came from, how to turn ingredients into delicious, healthy meals, and what food does for their bodies.
Food Revolution Day is supported by a website full of easy to make, tasty recipes.  Jamie’s intention is to encourage children to become food smart and to get them excited about food.
Parents and family members were invited to join the revolution at Melling Primary School and to come along to help.  They were encouraged to take a look at the website after the event, try more of the recipes together with their children, and help them to make informed choices about the food they choose to eat.
Mrs Miller, acting headteacher at Melling Primary School said: “We are always looking for fun and exciting ways to bring the healthy eating message to our children. Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day is a great way to inspire them to think about what they are eating and the importance of a healthy diet.”

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