The loveliest gift of all from Alsop

Students from Alsop High School have released a virtual Christmas celebration gift to be shared with partner primary schools and community members. The short film includes musical items and the nativity story read by the Alsop patron of reading, Mr Frank Cottrell-Boyce.

This year the students at Alsop High School wanted to bring some cheer to its local community as people continue to deal with the COVID- 19 pandemic. The school decided to record its Christmas celebration and post it on line. The film has been well received by the community and has been distributed far and wide.

The school is astounded that it was downloaded over 650 times in a space of 48 hours. It has even been translated into Italian and is being viewed in schools across Northern Italy.

The students hope its film will promote community life and encourage people to celebrate and be kind to each other. Therefore, they dedicated the film to all community partners, including Merseyside Police. The school are thrilled the film and its simple message has gone viral. They are overwhelmed by the kind comments received.

The Merseyside Violence Reduction Partnership shared the film and said: “Presenting the loveliest gift of all from Alsop. Trim-mendous carols, songs and readings from the school brought festive cheer to our team. Alsop dedicated this film to our team and colleagues in Merseyside Police with the words ‘let’s promote community this Christmas and celebrate and be kind.’ The common message from all religions and none revolves around light in the darkness at this time of year. Never was it more appropriate than in 2021. Thank you again, Alsop.”

One resident said: “I have just watched the Alsop Christmas Celebration. It was lovely to see so many lovely and talented young people, who must have put a lot of hard work into producing such an excellent presentation. Well done to all concerned.”

Sarah Rotherham, Inspector for community policing said: “Excellent, thank you and well done, exactly what our communities need right now. This is fantastic and definitely brought a smile to my face.

“The film forms part of the Alsop #TogetherWeCan initiative and we wanted to reach out and bring hope to those people who have suffered, lost confidence and may have become isolated from family, friends and their community. The film reinforces the belief that “TOGETHER WE CAN ……… “ rebuild and reconnect with each other to spread kindness and respect.”

Mr Paul Masher, headteacher said: “We are delighted this film has been well received by community partners. These students are fantastic ambassadors who were determined to bring hope and joy to their community this Christmas. We are so proud of them and we hope it helps people celebrate the true meaning of the season.”

The film can be downloaded at:

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