The Prehistoric Society launches educational blog

A range of teaching resources is now available on a dedicated blog by the Prehistoric Society. 

The international learned society devoted to the study of the human past, has recently launched an education blog which has been designed primarily for teachers delivering prehistoric topics. It is hoped it will benefit schools which remain open for key workers and vulnerable children and for teachers running online provisions.   

The blog includes teaching resources and introductory material, written collaboratively by members of the Prehistoric Society with consultation from teachers. It has also been independently trialled by teachers. 

The blog includes three main resources: 

  • Prehistory teaching resources: A programme of 11 off-the-peg lessons covering the KS2 ‘Prehistoric Britain’ History module. Each comprises a lesson plan, a PowerPoint presentation and background information for teachers. 
  • Introductions to prehistory: A set of up-to-date entries about particular types of archaeological sites and processes for teachers, A level students, first year undergraduates and anyone who wishes to know more about a subject that is constantly developing in response to new discoveries.  
  • Signposts to the past: A set of information sheets on a range of publicly accessible archaeological sites across Britain, all written by archaeologists in language that can be accessed by year 10-11 pupils.

The blog can be accessed here 

The Prehistoric Society welcomes feedback on its content, which can be sent by email to 

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