The UK’s first fashion and making hub launches for neurodiverse students and children in care during ADHD Awareness Month

The UK’s first making, fashion and entrepreneurship training academy focused on helping neurodiverse young people and care leavers is launching at Liverpool’s Fashion Hub.

The NeurodiverCity Academy is leading the way to a new standard for skills development and employment opportunities. Its special training in sewing, textiles and fashion combined with entrepreneurship and mentorship opportunities will support hundreds of young people in setting up their own businesses.

ND-City Academy is designed to offer hands-on employability training for those young people who often struggle in education and face under-employment. It will coach business leaders on best practices when employing neurodiverse people and care leavers.

Ultimately, ND-City Academy will bring together the most influential partners across public services and business sectors to revolutionise how we view mental health, education, employment and enterprise for our young people.

Gary Millar, CEO of Fashion Hub and project director of ND-City Academy said: “Our students will have access to mentoring from community leaders, training and specialist guidance – all the things you expect from a professional training programme – but we’re going beyond those expectations.

We’re joining up a lot of crucial dots between their areas of life, education and employment.

“It’s important to us that we create a compassionate space for our students to grow confidence and gain independence. During their time at ND-City, they will know there is a place, just for them, to search and discover their own path into an exceptional career that uses their strengths and talents.”

Using state of the art commercial textiles and sewing machinery, students at ND-City Academy will be responsible for bringing to market a collection of clothing and accessories ranging from school uniforms to urban street wear. The branding is all inspired by the existing ADHD Foundation Umbrella concept.

Dr Tony Lloyd, CEO of the ADHD Foundation Neurodiversity Charity said: “The ADHD Foundation has installed thousands of umbrellas outside iconic locations all over the UK as part of our Umbrella Project. Our Umbrella Project celebrates the talents of the 1 in 5 of us who are neurodiverse, so it felt natural to be a part of the NeurodiverCity Academy’s collection.

“I know there’s no limit to the creativity and innovation that will be accomplished at ND-City Academy when the students have a chance to learn in a space that’s truly built on embracing all the value in thinking differently.”

Upon completion, students can earn a NeurodiverCity Academy award in garment/fashion design making, GCSE/Foundation English and maths. Students can also access and gain a Level 1 Award in employability skills. For more information visit

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