The World of Work

By Emma Heywood

Year 12 pupil, St Edward’s College

This was my first time I had ever been into a work environment to actually do some real work. I was nervous at first, of course as anybody would be, but after the first few minutes when I was introduced to everyone I was fine. I was welcomed with open arms and everyone was so kind to me.

By the second day I felt like I had been working here for weeks! At first Su gave me some easy jobs to allow me to settle in. This was things such as sticking labels on different envelopes. When I felt comfortable with it Su asked me to make some external phone calls to different schools. Obviously I was slightly apprehensive about this but after my first phone call I got the hang of it and I felt more confident. I have also completed some research work on the computer and this has increased my computing skills.

I have learnt so many new techniques and skills, and I have only been in the office a week! Even just simple tasks such as how to print out labels for the magazine envelopes and learning how to speak properly on the phone. At first I thought that in any work experience I would just be someone who helps out here and there. However I have been allowed to get involved with nearly everything.

I have been given my own jobs to complete and I think this has provided me so much more experience than I thought I would get. I have been given numerous and varied responsibilities, which allowed me to gain even more experience in different areas of work including: research, telephone skills, distribution and even some writing!

Before, I was hesitant about coming here, but now I wonder what all the nerves were over!

Onto my second week…

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