Three Schools Confirmed for Crosby Pop Up Shop Event

Three local schools have eagerly accepted places for Crosby Village’s Pop Up Shop event, organised by leading commercial surveyors Hitchcock Wright and Partners.


Crosby’s Holy Family Catholic High School and Merchant Taylors’ Schools, and Southport’s Bishop David Sheppard Primary School will be taking over shops on Moor Lane high street over the first weekend of July. Each school will showcase their diverse talents by creating and running shops for the day, organising the brand and function of their shop, as well as determining prices, shop layout and staff.


The expectation is that the pop up shops will provide the pupils with exciting hands-on business experience, allowing them to exercise great creativity, whilst rejuvenating the high street and encouraging further interest in the units themselves.


Merchant Taylors’, who were the first schools to sign up, will be presenting the event to ten business-minded sixth form students from both girls and boys schools as a three week challenge. The students will have to come up with a viable business concept, including the product or service, and a name for the shop, before practicing customer service and book keeping skills by running the shop independently.


Vicky Mee, Head of Careers at Merchant Taylors’ believes the opportunity will provide them with great experience, saying: “We’re excited for the challenge the pop up shop event will present to our sixth form students. By allowing them a limited period of time, we’re really pushing them to think on their feet, take risks, and be creative. Our students work to a high standard, and we look forward to seeing that standard realised on the day!”


Holy Family Catholic High School has equally high expectations for the day, and for the success of their Year 9 and Year 12 students. The pupils will be producing an assortment of items from a variety of subjects to sell, ranging from home made soap and jewellery to bird boxes and garden items in an effort to raise money for an Indian school they have supported for over four years.


Francis Monaghan, Teacher of Business and Enterprise at Holy Family, hopes the opportunity will further encourage the students’ entrepreneurial skills, saying: “this is a fantastic opportunity for our pupils to demonstrate their entrepreneurial skills. It provides the unique chance to set up and start a real business.”


Finally, Bishop David Sheppard Primary School is excited to further encourage their pupils’ creativity. Earlier in the year, children in years 1 to 6 took part in their very own Dragons’ Den as part of a climate week challenge. Pupils designed bird feeders, and bird and insect homes, and it is this inventiveness they plan on showcasing.


People wishing to pop by to see the shops and support the schools are encouraged to attend the event on Saturday the 5th of July between 10am and 4pm.

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