Three top tips for making your professional CV

Written by Daniel Dineen

As most GCSEs and A Levels are now finished, the next step for a lot of students will be to find a job. This is where having a credible CV becomes essential. However, making your CV isn’t always straightforward although using a CV template can be a good way to get started.

Some large employers have to filter through hundreds upon hundreds of CVs every single week and if your CV doesn’t stand out you will almost certainly not get the job. You need to be able to sell yourself in a way that makes you seem like you would become a valuable member to the company if you want a good chance of getting to the interview stage.

Here are some essential tips to help you create your perfect your CV

1) One major step that is commonly forgotten about is regularly updating and tailoring your CV to the job or type of job you are applying for. As you get older, some things you would have previously valued may now seem irrelevant and removing this sometimes pointless information is important. Also, some information might be notable for one type of job but it doesn’t seem to be quite as important for another.

2) This next tip isn’t directly connected to your CV but it plays a crucial role in making it stand out. This is to try and expand the experiences you gain throughout your life. Whether this be through the ‘Duke of Edinburgh Award’, work experience, volunteering or even previous jobs. These experiences help to show the employer that you have gained qualities that make you more employable, such as high work ethic, great personality and developed social skills.

3) The final tip is to link your hobbies and experiences to skills that will help you within the world of work. Listing your hobbies and your experiences are all well and good but without a link to the world of work they can seem irrelevant. A great example of this would be stating that you are a captain of a sports team and then saying that being a captain demonstrates your leadership skills, communication skills and being able to make decisions in high pressure situations.

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