Tools to track progress: The Professional Judgements Tool

Teachers are working incredibly hard to continually adapt to all of the changes and uncertainty that is going on at the moment.

Angel Solutions’ Balance has a number of tools which will hugely benefit teachers during this third period of lockdown, one in particular being the Professional Judgements feature.

The Professional Judgements tool allows teachers to record a simple, point-in-time assessment which gives an indication of how well each child is doing based on the curriculum they have been taught so far this year. This means that with all the disruption that schools are experiencing at the minute, school leaders will always have an up-to-date overview of how well the children in their school are progressing through the curriculum for each subject that is taught.

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The Professional Judgements are designed to be quick and easy for teachers to complete, whilst providing school leaders with a clear and informative ‘whole school picture’. What’s more, when used together with the learning wheel in Balance, teachers can use the formative assessments they have recorded in the system to inform their Professional Judgements. This has proved particularly useful for Pupil Progress meetings, as teachers are able to use their formative assessments in Balance to help explain and provide evidence for their chosen teacher assessment or Professional Judgement.

The feedback they have received from teachers has been overwhelmingly positive as to how easy it is for them to record their judgements initially and then monitor them throughout the year. The clever ‘Time Frame’ function means that teachers do not have to re-enter their judgements each half-term, they can simply look through the previous judgements they recorded and only tweak those judgements that need tweaking! They don’t need to worry about calculating percentages or submitting their data to senior leaders either… that’s all taken care of and done automatically within Balance too.

You can learn more about how Professional Judgements can really add value to the way assessments are carried out at your school or find out more about Balance and their free tool, Balance Lite here:

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