UK needs young skilled people now more than ever before

Rapid technological and societal development has meant that the UK needs young people skilled in engineering, construction and technology now more than ever before according to Caroline Arnold, senior admissions and conversion officer, Faculty of Engineering and Technology Liverpool John Moores University.

In 2019, the Institution of Engineering and Technology found that 31% of employers surveyed had expanded their engineering and technology workforce over the last three years and that recruiting engineering and technical staff with the right skills is the largest obstacle that they face now.

This skills gap is because of an increased demand for skills, due to rapid sector expansion, and a replacement demand where employees are leaving the sector at a quicker rate than those joining, which threatens future industry expansion.

There is currently an estimated annual shortfall of 59,000 new engineering graduates and technicians.

There is such a wide range of career pathways available in engineering, construction and technology but young people are often unaware of the opportunities open to them.

Professional engineering and construction roles do not all involve working with tools and machinery. A diverse skill set is required across these industries.  For example, engineering is incredibly creative; engineers are required to generate innovative solutions for challenging problems.

These roles and skillsets are also not just tied to the industries you may expect. For example, graduates with data science or artificial intelligence (AI) specialisms are required in more than just the tech industry, they have a role in retail, finance, transportation, energy and even professional sport analysis.

AI specialist is now one of the top emerging jobs according to Linkedin’s Emerging Jobs report and The World Economic Forum has predicted that there will be 133 million new jobs across nearly all industries as a result of AI automation.

Because of these skills gaps, employment opportunities are excellent. There is an abundance of positions with not enough skilled people to fill them. Over 80% of all LJMU graduates from the Faculty of Engineering and Technology are in employment of further study within six months of graduation. There are multiple education routes open to students to pursue these career pathways, including HNCs, HNDs, and degrees.

Degree apprenticeships offer an attractive mode of study by combining part time study (with no tuition fee cost to the students) and on the job experience whilst receiving a salary from an employer.

There are increasing numbers of degree apprenticeships available within the engineering, construction and technology industries. The opportunity to address some of the biggest challenges facing the world has never been greater and engineering, construction and technology really are at the heart of the solutions.

To find out more about opportunities in engineering, construction and technology, contact LJMU Outreach.

Desirable Skills for Engineering, Construction and Technology:

• Problem solving

• Creativity

• Critical thinking

• Analytical skills

• Team work

• Detail orientated

• Communication

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