What a way to learn!

Staff at a Our Lady of Good Help, Liverpool are very clear in the vision they have for the children they work with: to develop confident, caring, inquiring individuals prepared for the future.
And, with inquiry in mind, they place a high emphasis on science.
Mrs Hughes, the school’s science co-ordinator, said: “Science allows pupils to understand and describe the world around them – and to predict future events!”
“Displaying an admirably enquiring philosophy, the school recently commissioned a local company, as creatives, to design and deliver a whole day of workshops that would give every child at Our Lady of Good Help an opportunity to explore their science topics through drama – including a whole-school assembly on the phases of the moon!
And what a day it was! Early Years and Key Stage 1 children explored habitats and both mini and macro-beasts, whilst Key Stage 2 children practiced and developed their science vocabulary as they investigated the day when interplanetary tours will be as normal as a day trip to Blackpool.
The Year 6 teacher described her pupils’ workshop as “brilliant”, whilst the Year 2s took to their blog…
“We recently took part in a science workshop, where we learnt about the savannah, linked to our topic of habitats. “We had fun acting out the various animals that lived there. We learnt about the habitats they lived in and how they survived”.

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