Winstanley students support Ghana from afar

A group of 14 students from Winstanley College have raised £4000 for the charity Enliven Mama Africa.

The first and second year Winstanley College students, began fundraising last September with the original plan of travelling to Ghana in June to help build an IT centre, but due to COVID-19, the travel plans could not go ahead but that did not stop the fundraising efforts and an incredible £4,000 was raised and presented to the charity.

The college also donated computers and books to kit out the centre and together with the money; the charity was able to go ahead with the plans. The centre is based in the community of Kpatinga, which has a literacy rate of just 23% of the population, and will be used by children between the ages of 8 and 18.

Recently, Maxwell Donkor, the charity organiser sent videos to the college showing the newly opened centre and library and explaining the progress that had been made following the donation.

Amanda Luyt, technician at Winstanley who was due to accompany the students to Ghana, said: “It was fantastic to receive the photos and videos from Maxwell showing the new centre. The students put so much effort into fundraising and although we were disappointed not to make the trip we are ecstatic that the project has gone ahead and is changing lives already”.

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