Wirral volunteer tutor makes a world of a difference for disadvantaged pupils

David has a passion for education. Teaching history, politics and sociology for 28 years, the university graduate from Wirral has maintained his love for learning into retirement.  

David said: “When I finished working, I wanted to keep some connection with education.”

This philosophy led David to sign up as a volunteer tutor with Action Tutoring. A charity which supports pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds with their English and maths education, David relished the chance to join.  

David added: “I decided to volunteer with Action Tutoring to apply my teaching skills and experience, and help young people who need any extra support.”

Highlights of the volunteering for David – who has also worked for an education travel company – include his pupils’ positive work ethic and attitude.  

He said: “I recall how impressive it was when one pupil was giving exactly the answers in the tutor workbook.

“The pupils in my first online session were also very co-operative during a ten second audio delay which I appreciated.

“A pupil said he’d already learnt something new and it was certainly worth attending after only his first session – amazing.” 

Joining Action Tutoring has left David an advocate of the charity’s cause. By signing up, volunteers can tutor from as little as one hour a week, either online or in person.  

David added: “Tutoring like this may be the only chance some pupils have for one-to-one support, which could make all the difference in their crucial exams.”

If you are interested in volunteering with Action Tutoring or learning more about the impact tutoring can have on your school, get in touch:  



T: 0300 102 0094 

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