World Beck Book Day

Students from Archbishop Beck Catholic Sports College celebrated another fabulous event in aid of World Book Day.

Students immersed themselves in a wide variety of activities that included; ‘The Big Beck Book Quiz,’ ‘The Great Beck Bake Off’, ‘The Big Book Debate’ and a writing competition titled ‘This is the time, this is the place….’

They showcased their skills and knowledge of famous authors and novels in the Big Beck Book Quiz as they enjoyed the competitive style in which it was run and no student was drawing a blank with prizes being awarded for all their hard work and efforts.

English teacher, Mr Daly took to the reigns as the budding debaters amongst the Year 8’s, delivered performances on novels they had studied for The Big Book Debate with the students excitement oozing confidence for some of their favourite authors and novels.

The highlight of the day was the scrumptious and delightful cakes that some of the students’ baked and decorated inspired by a novel they had particularly enjoyed. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Ronald Dahl was a particularly poplar design choice, but a cake using the poem ‘I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud’ by William Wordsworth drew a number ‘wows’ from the teachers in the English Department.

However, overall winner had to go to Cerys McMillan for her wondrous on the novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

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