A long journey to success

Basetech Training CIC has come a long way since opening its doors to train young people to be motor technicians in July 2011.

As Andrew Partington, co-founder of Basetech recalls: “Our opening in 2011  was on a shoestring with no fanfare  but with a desire to be the best training centre possible. Our key aim is always to get our students into jobs.”

From those humble beginnings Basetech now operates from a £3m training centre on Great Howard Street providing nearly 20 accredited motor technician courses.

Basetech is not just about training and education it ensures that each student fully understands the key requirements of getting and staying in a job in the motor industry.

Since the beginning we have worked closely with garages and their owners – ensuring that what we deliver to the student is relevant and pertinent to the job market.

The commitment of the Basetech team in getting their students into work is unrivalled as over 100 graduates are now in work.  It is an even more significant milestone when you consider that Basetech is not contracted or paid to deliver this outcome.

Basetech is always looking at opportunities to help its students and always maximise the effectiveness of the funding available to turn lives around such as trips to Pro Drive who build world rally championship cars or to local car dealerships to investigate real work conditions.

Andrew said: “We work closely with our partners to ensure that we are always at the heart of the community – this includes local events, shows, and recruitment fairs.

“We will soon have a recruitment road show that can visit schools and other events to promote the opportunities in the motor industry.

“To develop our community commitment further, Basetech has opened up a commercial community garage with our partner Xtreme Motors so that we can offer discounts to housing association tenants and community groups – made possible by Basetech students working on the cars. We have opened up the Base Cafe for students and the wider community offering free breakfasts for students.

“It is all about the learner, our vision is to empower our learners as Basetech technicians so that their qualities and ambition is recognised and rewarded in the motor industry.”

Basetech recently achieved the milestone of over 100 jobs in the motor industry in the last few weeks for its students.

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