Alien landing causes much excitement in Woolton!

Pupils at Much Woolton Catholic Primary School have enjoyed an out-of-this-world week after an alien spacecraft crash-landed in the school!

Extra-terrestrial footprints appeared all over the school and headteacher Mr White was even replaced by blobs of green sticky gloop for a morning (thankfully he returned unharmed).

The alien landing was the brainchild of KS1 and English lead Racheal Pace who set up the event as part of a creative writing week designed to “inspire and create a deep love of writing”.

Rachael said: “Here at Much Woolton we are working hard to be creative writers. Of course we write every day, but the aim of this is to help the children think carefully about what they are writing and who they are writing for.

“Once the alien spaceship arrived the children, acting as journalists, have been eagerly writing newspaper reports ever since and we have other forms of writing being created too!”

A local journalist also visited the school to talk to Year 5 pupils about the news-gathering process and to give tips on how to write for newspapers.

KS1 pupil Noah said: “I’ve enjoyed finding out different things each day. I can’t wait to write all about it,” with another, Miguel, saying: “I liked the footsteps it was interesting. This week has made me excited about writing.”

Headteacher Mr White, who emerged unscathed from his encounter with extra-terrestrial beings, said: “This week has been inspiring for all children and a great example of how to engage children to write at a high standard for a purpose.

“We love weeks like this at Much Woolton.”


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