Alsop students are published writers!

A number of Alsop High School students have had their creative writing published in a volume called Stranger Sagas.

The students entered a contest from Young Writers, an organisation that works with schools across the UK to encourage young people to engage in creative writing. The challenge for students was to write a mini-saga, a story written in 100 words or less.

The competition was run through the English department, who incorporated Stranger Sagas into English lessons centred around narrative writing in both Key Stage 3 and 4.

Director of English Caroline Hart said: “The skill of learning to write with concision is essential to any aspiring young writer and is also is vital to the imaginative writing element of the English GCSE.

“Students became very focused on being selective in the way they expressed their ideas and reduced and redrafted them to achieve a complete piece.

“We are delighted to be running a young writers after-school club in English this term and look forward to another successful year for our students”.

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