Alsop students visit the Knife Angel

A group of Year 10 students visited Liverpool city centre to gather photographs to be used in their coursework.

One of the chosen locations was the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral were the students had the opportunity to go inside the impressive building and have a look at how and when the building was constructed.

Students also viewed the ‘knife sculpture’ that was created from 1000’s of knives handed in during an amnesty last year. The sculpture is set to tour the country evoking discussions around knife crime and its implications.

Peter Bull, head of RE at Alsop High School, said: “It certainly had this effect on the students with many of them entering into discussions with each other on the dangers of carrying a knife.

Year 10 pupil Lois Sage, said: “It was a fantastic experience and educational and I really enjoyed photographing around the city centre. I thought the sculpture had a big impact on us due to its powerful message”.

Amy Swindells, said: “It was an enjoyable experience and I managed to gather loads of photographs for my coursework of the local buildings.” Whilst Liam Colbert said: “I enjoyed using the DSLR camera to capture my photographs and learn outside of my classroom”.

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