Apprentices supporting schools to offer more physical activity opportunities

Driven by a passion to help young people to be happy, healthy and active, the team at Liverpool School Sports Partnership (LSSP) are all too aware that young people play an instrumental role in inspiring those around them to be physically active.  

Through the physical activity apprenticeships that LSSP offers in conjunction with its outstanding training provider, Sporting Futures Training, they are not only equipping the next generation of learners with work-based learning and training, but supporting schools in enabling more children to lead healthy and active lives.  

Learners on the courses are full of praise saying: “The apprenticeship is a brilliant way to collect lots of skills such as being able to have good people management skills, punctuality, leadership skills and how to be calm and reflective. 

“I think I am making a difference to the children and young people’s activity levels because I am able to motivate people around me. I try to be a role model for lots of young people who look up to me. I am always putting a smile on people’s faces and people really engage with the things I say.” 

Also, “Regarding the apprenticeship programme I think it’s a brilliant programme which helps you progress as a person, develop as a person and coach as well as also helping you progress your career. It’s honestly been a life saver for me because I did not know what to do with myself and applying for this program has really helped me realise what I want to do with my career. The tutors and people you work with are brilliant and help you when you need it.” 

 What LSSP’s employers say: 

“This was to make a real impact on children’s perceptions of exercise, on their physical and mental wellbeing and also to give the children experience of taking part in competitions with other schools.” 

“Our apprentice has been an indispensable member of the department this term whom I have seen grow into a resilient and determined member of staff. Due to the pandemic and level of changes around the school curriculum and staffing he has risen to the challenge and grabbed the chance to impress with both hands.” 

“Our apprentice enjoys encouraging the children to be active throughout the day finding opportunities during the busy timetable to get the children moving whenever possible. He has a great relationship with the children and they show him a lot of respect which is reciprocated by him back to the children.” 

“The apprentice has gone above and beyond what has been asked of her and uses her initiative to support the PE planning, preparation and lessons. Overall, the apprentice allows us to work with the students to demonstrate further progress and challenge students throughout lessons.” 

“Our apprentice is a wonderful role model to all of our children, particularly our boys. He is a real asset to our team of staff.” 

In a recent OFSTED report (Nov 2021); it stated that: “Apprentices at SFT strive and achieve the highest professional standards. They show outstanding enthusiasm and commitment in their job roles” and “Apprentices seek ways of giving the children greater opportunities to enjoy and benefit from sport. They understand superbly their position as role models for the children in their school and their community. They are proud of the contribution they make to raising participation in physical activity by children in their settings.”  

For more information about apprenticeship training for new or existing staff who would like to specialise in PE, sport and physical activity, please visit the LSSP website at 

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