De La Salle film with BBC Bitesize at Chester Zoo

De La Salle High School in St Helens has been exploring wildlife at Chester Zoo for a unique collaboration with BBC Bitesize.

The exciting opportunity saw six Year 7 De La Salle pupils visit Chester Zoo and take part in an educational clip to help primary school pupils across the country understand the topic of wildlife balance in more depth.

In the video titled ‘The Importance of Wildlife Balance’, pupils can be seen exploring different areas of the zoo and learning about why every animal is important to the life of others.

During the five minute clip, pupils help ‘two aliens’ discover how we can all learn to care for the environment. With help from the pupils, they learn about the importance of protecting food chains, the roles of predators, prey, decomposers and preservers in nature, as well as the vital role of pollinators. Most importantly they realise that upsetting this balance can result in species’ extinction.

Not just a day for learning more about nature and wildlife, the pupils also went behind the scenes and learnt the ins and outs of filming. They experienced life ‘on set’ as an actor and had to master their lines, record voiceovers and shoot different scenes to get the perfect shot!

Michael Hussey, a geography teacher at the school, says: “It was a fantastic day, where our pupils were able to learn all about the animals at the zoo, and their importance in the world.”

The BBC Bitesize clip can be viewed in full here.

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