Calderstone’s are up for the challenge

Year 7 students at Calderstones School recently competed in the Dendrite’s STEM Rocket Car Challenge.
The students have been working in teams of four on the project with their design and technology teachers with the aim of solving problems involving weight, strength, aerodynamics and forces, to ultimately look at ways of making their team’s model rocket car go faster and to beat the rest of their competitors.

The fastest team at the school will go on and compete with over 100,000 other Year 7 students in a national race off to find out who is the national fastest rocket car team!

The inspiration for this competition is Bloodhound’s SSC challenge, who are aiming to beat the world land speed record and to make a car travel over 1,000mph on the ground.

Capt Moran and Sgt Isherwood from 33 Signal Squadron were the rocketeers for the event, with the help of some STEM student leaders. Sixty rocket cars were raced throughout the day, with every team successfully completing the challenge.

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