Five lessons from a year of remote teaching

By Amy Higgins, a secondary school teacher in London. I remember when I accepted that schools would close. I was standing by the photocopier (the ‘water cooler’ of teachers) and a wide-eyed colleague looked up from his phone to share the news that Ireland had just closed its schools. I had

Three social media apps recommended by the experts

A new academic year brings new ideas and strategies. For many schools and colleges, they will be rethinking or continuing to enhance their communications approach, and social media will no doubt be high on the agenda. With this in mind, CPMM Media Group’s PR and social media management team has recommended

72-year-old man completes a marathon in his garden

A pensioner who has spent almost four decades supporting children’s athletics has overcome his own running challenge as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown.  Dennis Gill, 72, from Liverpool, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease seven years ago, completed a marathon by running more than 1,000 laps around his garden in

10 Uses for Numerical Reasoning Tests

Numerical reasoning tests are a type of aptitude tests assessing one’s numeracy skills, logical thinking and basic mathematical knowledge as well as their applications in various professional scenarios.   They are designed with unbiased questions and scoring systems, using an automated process to save users time and effort, while providing the most accurate result possible of