Banishing lockdown boredom (part 1)

Parents around the country are doing their best to keep some type of a school routine at home at a time when the coronavirus has dramatically altered the structure of our everyday lives. However, even factoring in a school learning day and a working day for parents, many of us


By Jimmy McGinn, partnership manager at LSSP. After what seems like an age of being on lockdown, I’m sure the excitement of ‘extra’ holidays is slowly being replaced by boredom or even a little melancholy. If so, it is very easy to slip into sedentary behaviours - sitting in your pyjamas

Free safeguarding software launched in response to school closures

School safeguarding leader Impero has launched ‘Impero Back:drop’ - a free digital safeguarding tool, designed to simplify the recording and management of pupil wellbeing.  The cloud-based system enables remote safeguarding, ensuring that reporting, access and analysis can continue as schools across the UK close in response to COVID-19.   The software, which has a market value of £600/year for a

Recipe: Tin Can Stew

This Tin Can Stew recipe does use a few fresh ingredients, but mostly lots of tinned foods and store cupboard ingredients. Feel free to add any extra leftover vegetables you have and any herbs to jazz it up!   Ingredients (Serves 4):  1 onion   1 tbsp oil 1 garlic clove (or 1 tsp

Expert advice for separated families during COVID-19

The extra pressures and stresses at this time can be hard to manage and are likely to cause anxiety for parents who are separated and their children.  Educate speaks with Julie Ann Waring, partner at Morecrofts Solicitors, for guidance on the matter:  The government has confirmed that both parents can still spend time with their children during the coronavirus restrictions and a parent cannot use the restrictions on