72-year-old man completes a marathon in his garden

A pensioner who has spent almost four decades supporting children’s athletics has overcome his own running challenge as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown.  Dennis Gill, 72, from Liverpool, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease seven years ago, completed a marathon by running more than 1,000 laps around his garden in

10 Uses for Numerical Reasoning Tests

Numerical reasoning tests are a type of aptitude tests assessing one’s numeracy skills, logical thinking and basic mathematical knowledge as well as their applications in various professional scenarios.   They are designed with unbiased questions and scoring systems, using an automated process to save users time and effort, while providing the most accurate result possible of

How are alternative provision providers supporting students through the pandemic?

In week six of lockdown, we explore how the alternative provision sector is supporting students through these unprecedented times. Educate speaks to James Madine, chief executive officer of Progress Schools, to find out more:  Our approach at Progress Schools has been to be as flexible and ‘fleet of foot’ as possible in ensuring that we provide our learners with a

The Prehistoric Society launches educational blog

A range of teaching resources is now available on a dedicated blog by the Prehistoric Society.  The international learned society devoted to the study of the human past, has recently launched an education blog which has been designed primarily for teachers delivering prehistoric topics. It is hoped it will benefit schools which remain open for key workers and vulnerable children and for teachers running online provisions.    The

Banishing lockdown boredom (part 3)

With a boundless ability to store photos on mobile phones or back them up to the cloud, we rarely bother to create printed photo albums anymore. Life during lockdown has created more time at home for everyone, and if you are looking for ideas on how to keep teens, or