Changing lives through books and reading at Alsop

Alsop High School in Liverpool held a series of special events to celebrate World Book Day 2023. Activities took place throughout an action-filled day to promote reading and a love of books. 

As the day started, a message from Frank Cottrell-Boyce, patron of reading at Alsop, was delivered to the school community. Mr Cottrell-Boyce’s message read: 

“Hello Alsop, my favourite school in the whole wide world! Today, I wish you a very, very happy World Book Day!  

“I hope today’s school events, in the Library especially, will inspire you to read something that will change your life, or make you laugh, or become a treasured memory, or any of those amazing things that a book can be!” 

A ‘swap shop’ was set up outside the school library. Students were invited to bring in any books they wished to swap with other students, or choose books from the library trolley. 

During the day the school launched their annual ‘Let’s Celebrate! 500 Word Writing Competition’. Students, staff and parents are encouraged to write 500 words or less.  

Entries will be judged on the following criteria:  

  • Originality 
  • Plot 
  • Characterisation 
  • Language 
  • Enjoyment! 

The winners will be announced after Easter. 

Mr Paul Masher, headteacher of Alsop High School, said: “We were thrilled that so many Alsop students were able to participate in our planned activities for World Book Day.  

“Reading is important; it develops the mind. The mind is a muscle, and just like any other muscle in our body, it needs exercise. We read to succeed!  

“It is no secret that children who read perform better and experience a wide range of positive emotions; they have more fun whilst transporting themselves to many exciting places!” 

Other activities took place throughout the special day. ‘The Gift of Reading’ enabled students to visit the school library for free books and vouchers. 

Students were also encouraged to participate in ‘A Bouquet of Magical Books’. They brought in their favourite books from home. Rhianna, in Year 8, won a full set of Harry Potter books. 

During lunch young people joined “How High can you Haiku?” This required students to enter a haiku poem into a competition. Two winners won a signed copy of author Brian Bilston’s ‘Collection of Poems’ and a signed collection of Hilary Walker’s poetry. 

The day concluded with ‘Get Ready, Set, Go!’ 

 The literacy team attached 50 books to the school railings. These books were donated by Mr Frank Cottrell-Boyce. They were signed copies of his limited-edition books.  

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